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Damaged or missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious about your smile and create problems when you bite or chew. In addition, for some patients, ill-fitting or loose dentures or removable partials can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Although saving your natural teeth is usually the preferred choice for both dentists and patients, it’s not always possible. Because of this, dental implants can be a welcome option.

A dental implant is essentially an artificial root that’s anchored to your jawbone to hold a crown or denture. It offers a number of benefits over traditional crowns and dentures.

The benefits of dental implants:

  • Comfort: A dental implant feels just like your natural tooth. You may even forget you have it! It replaces the hassle and discomfort of removable partials or dentures that can slip or rub, creating irritation.
  • Longevity: With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime.
  • Better for surrounding teeth: Traditional bridges and partials use surrounding teeth for support, adding extra stress to them that dental implants don’t.
  • Aesthetics: Dental implants literally look like your other teeth and feel like them, too. Because the fit is so comfortable, you’ll feel more confident in your smile.

We work closely with oral surgeons and periodontists – specialists who place dental implants as part of their practices. Together, we collaborate throughout the implant process to replace the missing tooth or teeth with something that fits naturally and comfortably!

We can consult with you to determine whether you’re a good candidate for a dental implant and then refer you to one of the many specialists we partner with. Together, from implant to final placement of your crown or denture, we’ll make sure you experience treatment that is right for your situation – so you look and feel good!